Rubberific® Tree Ring

"Remember all that breast beating over millions of car tires that get thrown out each year in the United States and what an environmental disaster that is?  Relax.  They can be recycled.  A company in the forefront of turning tires into a useful commodity is Rubberific Mulch."
—San Francisco Chronicle
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Rubberific® Tree Ring

  • Give your tree beds a well-maintained look 365 days a year
  • Prevents erosion, compaction and fungal growth while conserving moisture
  • With weed fabric

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These 24’”or 36’” tree rings only take minutes to install for years of maintenance-free landscaping.
  • Eliminate yearly re-mulching
  • Stop weed growth that robs trees of nutrients and moisture
  • Prevent erosion, compaction and fungal growth
  • Conserve moisture
  • Mow right over it
  • No more scattered mulch
  • Available in Earthtone and Redwood

Installation Instructions:

    1. If necessary, use a utility knife to cut the center hole of the tree ring approximatley one inche in diameter larger than the trunk of the tree.
    2. Place the Rubberific Tree Ring around the base of the tree and remove and grass covered by the tree ring.
    3. Remove approximately 1/2 inch of soil where the tree ring will be positioned.
    4. Place the tree ring around the tree and if necessary use a weed mat anchor pin to secure the seam.