Rubberific® Paver

"Remember all that breast beating over millions of car tires that get thrown out each year in the United States and what an environmental disaster that is?  Relax.  They can be recycled.  A company in the forefront of turning tires into a useful commodity is Rubberific Mulch."
—San Francisco Chronicle
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Rubberific® Paver

  • Made from 100% recycled rubber these pavers take only minutes to install for years of maintenance-free beauty
  • Be your own landscape architect with these reversible pavers - choose from a brick or architectural pattern

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See why you should make the switch to 100% recycled rubber pavers.

Long-lasting and durable
Will not freeze or crack
Grooved bottom channels water off of surface
Made in USA
• Available in: red and brown
• 16” x 16” x ¾”
• Manufactured by International Mulch Company


Rubberific Paver installation instructions:

1. Thoroughly clean the surface where the pavers are to be installed.  Allow to dry completely.  Make sure that both paver and surface have no moisture on them for best adhesion.

2. Place Rubberific Paver on surface to assure you have the proper amount and that you like the overall design.

3. To achieve the best results, snap chalk lines as a guide and pavers will be straight during installation.

4. Begin installation in a corner or against a wall and work in small section.

5. Apply a polyurethane adhesive to the bottom of the paver and place on surface.

6. Gently tap tiles into place with a rubber mallet for adhesion.

7. Continue laying full pavers in place until complete.

8. For any pavers that require cutting, use a razor knife, cutting the paver in a series of scores to acquire a clean edge.

9. Allow area to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before use. 

10. After installation some natural weathering of pavers may occur.

Note: If attaching pavers to a wood surface you may also use a one-inch staple in place of polyurethane adhesive.